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Clash Royale Deck Builder

Record and Build your decks now in Clash Royale’s Deck Builder!

In Clash Royale, you build decks depending on the cards you already have. Many beginners, however, fail in creating decks that are better than anyone else. What we need is a well-rounded deck that is capable of defeating all kinds of Clash Royale Decks out there. Forget Beatdowns and Siege Decks, Forget Archetypes. We need something that can take on the game’s current meta and at the same time capable of defeating every opposing Clash Royale player."

How to Use Clash Royalepedia’s Deck Builder

Our Deck Builder is designed to do the following:

  1. Track down your deck’s win/loss percentage.
  2. Compare your decks. Which one has better win ratio? Which one needs to be improved?
  3. Tells you what cards you normally have a problem dealing with. Our algorithm can find out that one or two cards who, when they appear on your opponent’s deck, will mean trouble for you.
  4. Your monthly winning percentage. How many times have you been winning and losing every month in Clash Royale?

How to Use Our Deck Builder:

  1. Log in and create your first deck.
  2. Make a record of your battle logs.
  3. That’s it! Keep recording your battle logs so the deck builder can find the common cards you are having trouble with.
  4. Soon, the deckbuilder will know what are your win/loss ratio as you continue putting your battle logs.
  5. You can record another log or share it with your friends!
  6. In the future, we will have an option to make decks public so other users can comment on your decks.

For best results:

  1. Use the deck builder daily so you can see your win percentage and find out what strategy works.
  2. A record of your logs will let you know what are the types of decks you are normally encountering lately. It is a good idea to prepare for them.
  3. Whether you are in the Royal Arena or anywhere, a certain meta clicked on specific arena. The deck builder and your battle logs will let you know the general meta decks you encounter as well. If you find yourself losing a lot, your battle log will show you if it is a good idea to switch decks already!

Clash Royale Deck Building Guide

Whether you want a team with lots of spells or troops, here’s a list of what your clash decks must have:

  • Offensive Units
    • These are the cards whose primary usage is to deal attack to the enemy towers or opposing troops. Some common examples are units that attack only buildings (Hog Rider, Giant), or units with high attack DPS (P.E.K.K.A, Prince)
  • Defensive Units
    • These are cards whose primary role is to defend your side of the field or units that will support or defend your push. Examples are the Valkyrie (takes out swarms), or the Giant (will soak all damage in front). For support, additional examples include the Goblins and Spear Goblins.
  • Anti-Swarm
    • A deck must always have units that can deal damage against swarm units. They will clear the area for your main offensive units to push through. Examples of this are the Valkyrie, the Wizard, or the Princess.
  • Anti-Air Units
    • There are many Air Units in Clash Royale today. Some air units are swarms - like the Minions or Minion Horde. Some can only attack buildings (Lava Hound) It is a good idea to have 2 units that can counter aerial troops. Examples are the Musketeer or the Archers.
  • Buildings
    • The Building will primarily support your defense. It can lure building-only attackers away from your tower. Some Buildings can spawn units (Tombstone) while others can provide pure defensive firepower (e.g. Bomb Tower, Cannon). It is a good idea to have atleast 1 building on your deck.
  • Spells
    • Spells provide an immediate response to sudden turn of events. The Fireball can be used to counter a huge push that is about to destroy your tower. Spells can also be used to delay units, freeze them, or even win the game (when you use the Rocket or Fireball to hit a tower directly). You should have 1 or 2 spells on your deck
  • Power Cards
    • These are units that your opponent cannot simply ignore. The enemy cannot just leave a P.E.K.K.A destroying his tower. This is the same situation as with the Giant and the Hog Rider. If you drop this card, you will expect the enemy to retaliate, so you need to back them up well. Why? Because your power cards are often your main attackers or main defensive units. If they get killed, your push will come to a stop.

Record and Build your decks now in Clash Royale’s Deck Builder!